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Member Spotlight

Congratulations to these Outstanding Members!

4-H members are making face masks for donation.

Congratulations Serafina for getting recognition from National 4-H!

Serafina from National 4-H

Lauren and Aidan making masks...

IMG_2287 (2)
IMG_2285 (2)

Stay-at-Home Challenge Awards

Congratulations to Piper Kari who took the lead with 5 Clover Rewards! 

Here is the picture Piper submitted to the Beauty in my Backyard Challenge:

Piper Kari


Lauren Reyes came in second with 3 Clover Rewards! Great job Lauren!

Brooklyn Baggett came in third in our competitions! Thanks for showing your 4-H spirit!

Participants can pick up your reward at the Clover-Joyed event on Saturday October 10 at 9am in Hart Park in Orange

Virtual Projects around OC

OC 4-H youth complete projects despite COVID-19 restrictions!

Dog Project:

Dog project

Best day ever - getting a pig!






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