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What is Presentation/Field Day?

Public speaking skills are ranked number one among the desired skill sets of professionals. Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year. A 4-H presentation can be a demonstration, include audio-visual aids, and involve problem solving. Through their presentations, youth learn to research a subject, organize their ideas into a logical order and practice public speaking skills.

By participating in our County Field Day activities youth may be eligible to continue on to the Southern Area Field Day and from there to State Field Day. It is likely that these events will be virtual again this year. Check back here in the new year to find out more details. In the meantime, these links can provide some insight into these competitions:

2020 Southern Area Presentation Day May 2, 2020 

2020 State Presentation Day May 30, 2020

The California 4-H State Field Day is the largest educational event for California 4-H youth members and adult 4-H volunteers. The event is intended to provide a culminating experience in public speaking, textiles, plant sciences, photography, interview skills, and entomology. This family-friendly event is for all ages to participate. 

See below for Orange County Presentation Day information!


Save the Date!

OC 4-H Virtual Presentation Day was  Saturday, March 6, 2021


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Thanks to all of our participants and judges and to our chairperson Wes Alcott for a successful event in which 4-H members showcased their public speaking skills and creativity!

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Please first familiarize yourself with the State 4-H Presentation Day requirements before registering!
To access the CA 4-H Presentation Manual, click HERE!
To access the CA 4-H Field Day Competitions, click HERE!


Be sure to join us next year for the 2022 OC 4-H Presentation Day Contests!


Impromptu Speech Contest

Impromptu speaking involves speeches that the speaker has developed themselves at Presentation Day within a three-minute preparation time. One at a time, the speakers will randomly draw a piece of paper with a topic on it. The topics will be developed from the pre-announced categories. From the time that the speaker is given the topic, they will have three minutes to prepare a speech.
Please refer to the Impromptu Speech category description on page 21 of the State 4-H Presentation Manual, HERE.

2021 Impromptu Speech Topics


Interview Contest

The Interview Contest is a popular event that gives 4-H members an opportunity to practice the real-life skills needed to apply for a job. Participants prepare a resumé and cover letter for a job they choose from the 2021 Interview Contest Job Descriptions. Judges evaluate their performance during a mock interview and give constructive feedback using a standard evaluation rubric.



Film Festival

Film-making is both art and science. Short films showcase the creativity of youth in the 4-H program and highlight their ability to plan, to think critically, and to create a unique and original piece of self-expression. 4-H uses video as a means to introduce the world to what 4-H'ers can do and can be. Use your creativity to be factual, funny, dramatic, artistic, promotional or all of these at once!

The State Film Festival categories, rules, and FAQs can be found HERE


2021 Orange County Field Day Schedule 



Event Chair
Wes Alcott:

Event will be virtual, hosted on Zoom

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