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What are 4-H Record Books?

The 4-H program has a long history of record keeping. The focus reflects the importance of this life skill in our daily lives. In 4-H, young people have tracked their activities, events, profits and losses, skill development and learning experiences, and much more using the iconic 4-H Record Book. In addition to record keeping, the 4-H Record Book gives members an opportunity to reflect on their year, measure their achievements and growth, and set goals, and develop plans to meet those goals.

Why have 4-H record books?

4-H Record Books serve a variety of purposes in the California 4-H Youth Development Program.

  • 4-H Record Books give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work. They document their skill development and their learning experiences in a written report. 4-H members measure their achievements and growth in their total years in 4-H.
  • 4-H Record Books encourage members to set goals, pursue strategies to meet those goals, and to shift gears in the face of challenges and obstacles. Completion of the Personal Development Report awards 4-H members for participation in 4-H activities, which provides an incentive for participation, learning, and achievement.
  • Completing a 4-H Record Book is a process where 4-H members record project and club work. Records management (RM) is a competency skill to identify, create, classify, archive, and preserve records. The 4-H Record Book teaches 4-H members these skills through a standard format.


For more information and access to forms, training, and the Online Record Book system, please click HERE. (NOTE: ORB access will end on December 30, 2020. Download all files you wish to keep before this deadline.)


2020-2021 Record Book Info

Please note: the Online Record Book (ORB) System has sunsetted. Paper Record Books will be submitted for 2020-2021.

Plan ahead! Get the help you need!

Watch these instructional videos, download resources and start preparing your record book pages:
Use these presentation slides to follow along with the video and access links
Use this Leadership Tracking Worksheet to keep track of your leadership activities.
Use these presentation slides  to follow along with the video and access links
Use these presentation slides to follow along with the video and access links
Check back for new videos to help with more parts of your book
For individual help and questions, contact
Allison Kari- (949) 403-1745                
Heather Hernandez- (714) 343-3245         
Noel Baggett- (949) 872-835
Use these links to help you prepare your book:

2020-2021 Record Book Manual

Google doc access to record book manual

Record Book Forms 2020-2021

Google doc record book forms

Google sheets record book forms

These files can be referenced until 2020-2021 files are updated:

2019-2020 Record Book Guidelines

2019-2020 County RB Evaluation Sheet

2019-2020 Primary RB Evaluation Sheet


2019-2020 Officer Book Format Information

2019-2020 CLUB TREASURER BOOK Eval Sheet

2019-2020 CLUB SECRETARY BOOK Eval Sheet

2019-2020 CLUB HISTORIAN BOOK Eval Sheet



Please click on the links below for important information on submitting your record book! 

State Record Book Submission & Evaluation

Intent to Submit FORM


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